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“The comfort of soft lenses and the clarity of gas permeable lenses. The best of both worlds.”– James T., Wadsworth, TX

“I love my Duette Lenses. I feel like I am not even wearing contacts!” – Karen A., Sun Lakes, AZ

“Vision so crisp and clear, I forget I am wearing them.” – Teresa W., Fayetteville, AR

“Crisp, clear vision and comfortable lenses. Better than soft lenses.” – Kim A., Meadow Vista, CA

“Very comfortable and my vision is consistently clear.” – Joseph P., Las Vegas, NV

“The most comfortable contact lenses I have ever worn. Simple to clean and apply.”– Susan G., Amherst, OH

“As a college student with astigmatism, I was having problems seeing clearly in enough time to read the slides before my teachers changed them. I immediately fell in love with my Duette lenses as soon as I put them on. Being able to see everything clearly and without waiting for my vision to stabilize was a great benefit to me. I don’t think my vision has ever been this clear!” – Amanda H., Lansing, MI

“Having worn gas permeable contacts for over 30 years, I can honestly say that Duette is the most comfortable lens I have ever worn! My vision is as precise as wearing RGP lenses, but it almost feels like I have no lenses in at all. I recently spent a day at the beach where it was windy. With my old lenses, I would have been very uncomfortable. The Duette lenses were comfortable all day!” -Holly H., San Antonio, TX

“When I put my new lens in, I said ‘WOW’ out loud. I don’t remember ever seeing this clear.” -Mary Ann E., Lincoln, CA

“I suffer from extremely dry eyes and also am very nearsighted. I used to have to wear sunglasses with gaskets just to go outside because dust would blow in my eyes and cause constant pain. Glasses don’t correct my vision well enough, and I had to use eye drops several times a day to keep my gas-perm contacts comfortable. These problems went away when I switched to Duette lenses. I can hike and ride my bike again, and my eyes don’t hurt. I am so thankful for the new lenses! Thanks!”– Sharon W., Fremont, CA

“I have struggled for years with my contacts and the comfort. I thought I would just have to live with the issues I was experiencing. After putting Duette lenses in for the first time, I was ecstatic with the clarity and comfort. I can’t express how grateful I am that I didn’t allow my frustration with contacts to hold me back from trying these lenses. I am extremely happy with them. Happy that I don’t dread putting my contacts in everyday!!! Thank you!!! -Kandy M., Herriman, UT

“After wearing hard contact lenses for more than 25 years, I wanted to switch to a soft lens. Duette lenses offers me a combination of hard and soft that provides clarity of vision and comfort all in one. Love them! -Debra A., Prather, CA

“After wearing both rigid and soft lenses, Duette lenses provides me with both the comfort of a soft lens and the vision quality of a rigid lens. I have astigmatism and have battled with poor vision from toric lenses and discomfort with rigid lenses. I am so excited and relieved that I can achieve clear vision and be comfortable at the same time.” -Laura Lee P., Harrisburg, PA

Duette Progressive

“I’ve been wearing Duette Progressive and have experienced phenomenal vision, especially at near, with good comfort. My patients are enjoying the same positive outcomes as well.” – Don Teig, OD, FAAO

“I am so impressed by the comfort and clarity of vision that Duette Progressive provides. I’m also thrilled to be able to see up close without reading glasses!”

“As a previous soft lens wearer, I didn’t expect Duette Progressive to be so comfortable. What a nice surprise! I’m also loving the clear, consistent vision that I never got from my soft toric lenses.”

“I love my Duette Progressive lenses! My near vision is excellent and I’m not constantly reaching for my reading glasses anymore!”

“With UltraHealth I am now clear to drive legally!”

My vision is incredible with UltraHealth lenses. I am now clear to drive legally, which at 28 years old means the world to me! My vision is very sharp and clear, and I’m way more confident in my college classes because I can see the board clearly and take notes legibly.

Thank You SynergEyes for helping me with my vision for my life. Now I can see my dreams literally.
B. D., MI

“UltraHealth has changed my life in so many ways”

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for being prescribed UltraHealth contact lenses. UltraHealth has changed my life in so many ways that I can’t begin to explain.

  1. The correction of my right eye (amblyopia) of which I am still in disbelief. I was considering Strabismus surgery for that!! Thank you!!
  2. My left eye complete 20/20 vision, of which I am still in disbelief of the acuity alone!! Thank you!! My right eye is much clearer in its acuity as well!! Thank you!!
  3. No more heavy glasses from the thickness weighing down my face!! Thank God for that as well!!
  4. My confidence level in my employment search is boosted!!

I just wanted to send my very own personal thanks for the hard work you have put into UltraHealth lenses for I am now a lifelong customer!! Live, Love Laugh and Learn, and once again,

F. G., Ch.

“It seems like I’m in a new world”

“My vision has improved tremendously with UltraHealth lenses. It seems like I’m in a new world. I can see detail and fullness of colour. I can play basketball and shoot with precision. I can study, read and write without strain and for long periods of time. And I can drive a vehicle finally!!

To other keratoconus patients I would say try UltraHealth lenses because they will change your life as they changed mine.
L. B., NC

“UltraHealth lenses have changed my life completely”

“My vision has improved tremendously. I can now read signs I couldn’t read and I am seeing things very clearly now. My life has changed in a major way. I no longer feel disabled. I feel positive and confident with myself again, this is something I haven’t felt in years.

UltraHealth lenses have changed my life completely. It took me a little while to get used to them but once I switched to Saline solution instead of the regular contact solution I am wearing my contacts without any problems. I definitely recommend anyone who has keratoconus to try UltraHealth lenses, they will change your life!
N. W., MI

“I saw for the first time – the world as it really looks”

“I have SynergEyes UltraHealth Contact Lens in both eyes. I have worn them daily at least 15 hours, even once 22 hours straight.

I have been wearing them now for over 6 months and my vision is superb, comfort supreme, not cloudy, not blurry, and no pain. I am 66 years old, was diagnosed with Keratoconus over 50 years ago, had a corneal transplant in my left eye 40 years ago, and still working great. I have only worn hard contact lenses (no glasses) my entire working life with a full career.

My words of wisdom to all you ‘Keratoconics’ out there – Your Fitter is your key to success!”
T. W.

“UltraHealth lenses have worked wonders on my eyes. Now I don’t have to struggle to see or read!”

My vision is clearer now and I can see a lot better thanks to UltraHealth lenses. I now do not need to squint to see or read. Less headaches and I am able to see at night without any difficulty.

UltraHealth lenses have worked wonders on my eyes. Now I don’t have to struggle to see or read! I highly recommend these lenses to other keratoconus patients.
S. Y., TX

“I can see a baseball in the air!”

“In June I got my very own pair of UltraHealth contact lenses and they are amazing! They increase my regular vision by three times. I can do a lot more things now that I can see better. I can see a baseball in the air, cars coming down the street, the time on the TV and I can also see a lot more things that I couldn’t see before thanks to UltraHealth contact lenses.

It’s a blessing to be able to see considering the condition my eyes are in. I’m glad someone came up with UltraHealth lenses because there are a lot of people out there with their eyes in the same condition as mine. I just hope whoever needs them like I did should be introduced to UltraHealth contact lenses.”
M. H., PA

“16 Hours of Wear and Still Comfortable!”

“I have been wearing UltraHealth for over a year and have found them overall more comfortable than ClearKone or RoseK. I was just thinking about this last night as I took out my lenses at about 12:30 AM after having put them in at 8 AM that morning, and they were still comfortable! I would be hard-pressed to get that much wearing time out of most other lenses. I have been extremely happy with them.”

“My vision is crisp and clear and they are completely comfortable”

“I have been wearing the new hybrid lenses for a couple of months and they are the greatest lens I have ever had.

I can wear them as long as I like and some days that is very long. My vision is crisp and clear and they are completely comfortable. The older model used to dry and tighten on my eye over the course of the day and I do not have that issue with the new lens.”

“Your eyes feel the improvement as soon as you get the lenses”

My vision with UltraHealth lenses has improved big time! I’m able to see TV, read and use my computer without any problems. I’m able to see a lot better, am not wasting money with GP lenses that would fall out of my eye all the time and my eyes don’t get dry as fast.

UltraHealth are good lenses for keratoconus patients. Your eyes feel the improvement as soon as you get the lenses.
G. M., CO

“WOW!! For the first time in years I can see!! It’s like the world is in 3D”

I just want to thank SynergEyes for changing my life! I have keratoconus in the worst way and I was at the end of trying to correct my vision with lenses. I couldn’t see to drive at night, nor could I perform my job, I was losing hope. I always read up on new things that were going on with this problem but other than doing Holcomb C3-R or Intacs that were so pricey, I was running out of options. Then I read about your lenses.

I found a doctor close to me, we did all the tests, was fitted with ClearKone lenses and WOW!! For the first time in years I can see!! It’s like the world is in 3D. I walked out of there and could see street signs and to look at people was so different,  I can’t explain how it feels…. I just wanted to say thanks, to whom ever invented these …. Thanks!
T. B. (AZ)

“What a difference ClearKone made. Vision was corrected to 20/30 and they are so comfortable”

I had shingles in my left and had to have a cornea transplant. I always had excellent vision in both eyes. Since the transplant my vision was 20/400 in my left eye. I tried all different contacts and glasses with no improvement. I was directed to try ClearKone lenses. What a difference it made. Vision was corrected to 20/30 and they are so comfortable. I really do not feel them at all.

 I could not see out of my left eye at all. Vision was a total blur at 20/400. With the ClearKone contacts I’m back to normal now at 20/30. What a blessing… I wish someone would have told me about these two years ago.

You have to try them. You won’t believe the difference.
R. G. (PA)

“ClearKone Changed the Way I See Life”

“Once I began wearing ClearKone Lenses , I was amazed. My vision was clear and crisp, and the lenses were so comfortable that I could wear them all day long without irritation. It really was the best of both worlds!

I have now been wearing the lenses for several months, and my life has changed in so many ways. I can distinguish faces from a distance and see their expressions, which is so wonderful! I am also able to drive, use the computer, and read books with small font. I feel like I now have a normal life without the frustrations of poor vision. ClearKone lenses have truly changed the way I see life!”
Read More of Christian’s Story

“I just got my first pair of SynergEyes contacts, and what a difference. You have created the most wonderful product on the market!!!! I have raved to all my friends and family about them. Thank you so very much for creating this product!!!!”
J. J. (CA)

“I love these lenses; they have opened a new world of seeing”

S. F. (PA)

 “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the folks at your company who invented the SynergEyes contact lenses. They are absolutely phenomenal! My vision is now corrected to a very sharp 6/6 in each eye and 6/6.5 with both eyes open AND they are just as comfortable as my soft lenses! The time period for me to adjust to your lenses was zero minutes! I highly recommend your lenses! They are truly wonderful! Thanks again! Sincerely, David”
D. (PA)

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