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Nearsighted (myopia)

If you are nearsighted (myopic) you have difficulty seeing objects that are far away which is the result of light rays focus in front of the retina, rather than on it.

If you’re nearsighted, your prescription is a negative number. The higher the numeral, the stronger your lenses will be. Nearsightedness can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

  • “Hard” (rigid gas permeable) lenses are best for providing crisp, clear vision, especially for people with higher amounts of myopia. However, hard lenses are often irritating and uncomfortable. Rigid lens wearers also experience the irritation of debris collecting under the lens, and rigid lenses move when you blink and may dislodge during activity.
  • Soft lenses are the most comfortable to wear, but often provided soft, fuzzy vision. For people with higher amounts of myopia, soft contact lenses may not provide enough correction to deliver good vision.

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