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Transform Astigmatic Vision with Duette Hybrid Lenses

Duette is a hybrid contact lens that delivers high-performance vision for your patients and exclusive benefits for your practice. The unique advanced-technology Duette hybrid contact lenses are ideal for patients with corneal astigmatism.

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synergeyes duette overview

    • GP centre delivers great vision
    • SoftCushion® Comfort Technology enhances comfort
    • Tangible™ Hydra-PEG coating provides increased lubricity
    • High DK materials promote ocular health
    • Empirical ordering makes fitting Duette straightforward

synergeyes duette comfortable

    • 130-Dk GP and 84-Dk silicone hydrogel soft skirt provide excellent oxygen transmission
    • SoftCushion Comfort Technology enhances tear exchange and lens movement
    • Tangible™ Hydra-PEG coating provides increased lubricity through a highly wettable surface
    • Alignment fitting displaces the weight of the lens over a broader surface area for improved comfort

synergeyes duette straightforward fit

    • Empirical ordering produces a strong diagnostic lens
    • Fitting changes rarely needed – slight power adjustments may be required at follow-up
    • No need for diagnostic sets or fluorescein
    • Alignment fitting approach produces consistent centration and movement

duette lens design

    • Aspheric GP center delivers exceptional GP vision and compensates for corneal astigmatism
    • Vision not affected by lens rotation
    • Hybrid platform offers both centration and stability

synergeyes duette parameters

Differentiate your practice by giving your patients Duette, a premium contact lens option that delivers great vision, even for those with astigmatism. It is exclusively available from independent eye care professionals and is not sold online, or through mass merchandisers.

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    “I have been fitting Duette lenses for over three years and can say that it has been a significant practice builder.” –
    Brent Fry, OD

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